The German government is preparing to introduce significant changes to road tolls and additional carbon dioxide emission charges for trucks, effective from 1 December 2023. These changes are part of the Climate Protection Modernisation package and aim to reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainable transport.

The new regulations mean an additional CO2 levy of €200 for each tonne of carbon dioxide emitted by commercial vehicles. This will result in an additional charge of approximately €0.16 per kilometre driven.

In addition, MAUT tolls will increase significantly from the current €0.19 per kilometre to €0.35 per kilometre, depending on the truck’s emission class. Older trucks and those with lower emission standards will be subject to higher charges.

Trucks over 3.5 tonnes will also be subject to the new regulations.

To give an idea of the potential impact of these changes, for example, the route from DE24 Kiel to DE90 Nuremberg 706 km with a Euro 6 truck, calculations from official tables show:

Current MAUT costs: €134.36 New MAUT costs: EUR 245.86 Example increase in charge per transport: EUR 111.50

What measures do we implement for the benefit of our customers?

In response to the new charges introduced by the German government, at New Wave International Cargo we are systematically taking steps to minimise the impact of these changes on our customers. The majority of our transports are carried out using a fleet of Euro 6-compliant vehicles, resulting in lower freight costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

We have introduced innovative strategies, such as the development of intermodal transport, using different types of connections, including rail and sea. As a result, we are effectively reducing road tolls and carbon emissions. Our experienced team of experts is ready to develop dedicated solutions to help reduce transport costs, while taking care of the environment. New Wave International Cargo is focused on providing services that not only meet market requirements, but also support sustainability and innovation in reducing CO2 emissions

The prospect of inevitable rises in transport costs presents us with a challenge, but we aim to minimise the impact of these changes on customers.

Forecasts suggest that upcoming regulatory changes will result in higher transport costs. However, New Wave International Cargo is committed to taking measures to minimise these consequences.

By continually improving our services and using greener solutions, we aim to address rising costs. Our priority is to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in line with the principles of sustainable development

Warning of impending regulations in other countries:

Planned fee increases in Austria from 1 January 2024, which could result in fee increases of 20% to 30%.

Announced expected fee increases in the Czech Republic from March 2024 of between 10% and 15%.

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