We need to know the difference between Shipping & Warehousing Management, and Logistics management. The name implies a big difference in scope, though they are closely related. But the difference lies more in the way they operate drayage services.

Drayage Services

Logistics is a range of actions and decisions taken as a whole, to ensure that products reach the destination on time and as expected. If you take an example, you need to know that the container at a ship port takes up space, so you can either send your product on the container directly, or you can use trucking services to transport the containers to the destination. Using a trucking company to carry a cargo ensures that the transport is done in the quickest and most efficient manner.

White Glove Service

With Shipping & Warehousing Management, the point is that the warehouse is responsible for managing the warehousing system in a specific location. It’s like if you are a grocery store. You need to stock all the goods to be shipped and all the boxes to be delivered in a single warehouse. But with Shipping & Warehousing Management, it’s all done by the Logistics department, which usually includes people who are involved in the shipping business.

LTL and FTL Shipping

Logisticians are required to design the system to be operated, using precise planning techniques. The key is that they have to ensure that things run smoothly, without any delays. This is usually done by monitoring the movement of inventory.

Lift Gate Service

Logisticians take care of all the systems that make it possible for the management team to control a warehouse in a planned and organized manner. This helps to ensure that all the things that are needed at the place are being moved there. It also includes things like tracking inventory, as well as the records of stocks that are kept.

Drayage Services

Shipping & Warehousing Management focuses on how the warehousing system is managed, instead of the storage methods used to keep the product. This is because in Logistics, there are more factors that decide how the warehousing is run.

Sourcing and Procurement

Logisticians spend their time identifying and implementing improvements that can help improve the efficiency of the storage and transport of the merchandise. These improvements involve everything from different types of materials, to different packaging materials, to monitoring how the merchandise is being stored.

Logistics and Shipping Management are two areas of management, which are closely related. However, the difference lies more in the details. While Logistics deals with how the warehousing works, Shipping & Warehousing Management focuses on how the shipping is done.

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