New Wave International Cargo performs sea transport between Poland and the world’s most important ports. In addition, we provide sea transport from anywhere in the world to our client wherever he is. Regardless you have to send a small load consisting of several packages or you want to transport the container to the brim filled with goods, you can count on our help in organizing sea freight.

Our company has been specializing in the transport of marine general cargo as well as full container loads for many years. The main advantage of sea transport is the price, which over time has reached a very favourable level. Comparing the cost of freight to the distance and weight of the cargo – the ship turns out to be the most optimal solution. Importers also appreciate the high capacity of vessels that allow them to transport many of containers during one ship’s departure. Sea transport also advances in terms of the diversity of transported goods. Entities that decide to import by sea, however, need to take into account a long waiting period for the load. Sea freight is much more time-consuming than transport by rail or plane. Imports from China usually take about 40 days or more, because the ship’s departure closely depend on weather conditions.

Cooperation with ship owners, operators and sea agents in Europe and around the world allows us to guarantee our clients high quality services, comprehensive service of sea transports and attractive sea freight. Thanks to the fact that we deal with every branch of transport: sea, road, air, rail, we combine services to deliver the goods directly to the customer. General cargo and container transport is our specialty. Because we employ specialists, we can quickly organize transport to any place in the world. If you want a high level of service in the field of maritime transport and broadly understood business support, contact us. We provide each customer with professional forwarding consultancy as well as constant monitoring of deliveries.

Sea Freight