From Poland (where our business began) to the United States (where we’ve grown to), New Wave International Cargo has managed transportation utilizing the vast capabilities of ocean-going vessels.  Our network of marine cargo service providers allows us to state with certainty that there are very few ports from which we cannot service any customer’s needs.

Once our highly trained, uniquely specialized team has assessed the needs of a customer and determined that utilizing a mix that includes Sea Freight Services offers the most optimal way to address their needs, the strength of our experience begins to really pays dividends.  Whether the needs are for small loads, or completely filled containers, the requirements of international transportation are exposed to the rules and regulations of international trade.  These import/export rules are very specific and failure to comply could, in a worst case, result in an entire load being detained by customs.

Our experience and relationships with ship owners and agents in Europe and around the world allow us to guarantee our customers the highest quality of Sea Freight services available.  More than Port to Port, we join our Sea Freight services with our other core strengths to present a dynamic force  in the global logistics / international transportation market.

Sea Freight