The transportation of Over-Dimensional cargo is a very tedious, labor-intensive process—and that’s before the load is ever picked up.  Each Over -Dimensional load has its own peculiar attributes that present individual unique challenges.  From identifying the appropriate equipment for the load, to route planning, escorts and permits, there are so many variables in play that only a team with our experience can simplify and execute for our customers.

With a full scale of equipment platforms at our disposal, and a team well versed with the permitting requirements for all of North America’s roadways, the complexity of an Over-Dimensional move is simplified with the New Wave International Cargo team on the task. Once we’ve identified the best equipment to safely handle the load, we’re able to then, based on all of the many variables—height, width, length, weight, etc., — able to plan a route amenable to the specifics of the load.  We handle all permits, pilot cars, escorts (when needed) and any other special requirements to facilitate the move.

We pride ourselves in the one-stop-shop simplicity this service provides our clients, many who know the complexity of Over-Dimensional freight.  This is just another way that New Wave International Cargo is your Worldwide Logistics Partner.

Oversize transport