From the humble beginnings of our business, New Wave International Cargo has been performing air freight services at the highest level.  Considered to be the most secure of all transportation options, our utilization of Air Freight Services as an option extends our services across the globe in a very real, tactile way.  The ability to cover a great distances in the least possible time joined with the experience of our team arranging the ancillary transportation services, our Air Freight services are a real, viable option for your more expedited transportation/logistics needs.

Time-sensitive materials, Expedited Freight, or non-durable goods are often the ideal candidates for this option as, with most freight, cost is determined by weight and volume and is easily determined.

Typically the utilization of Air Freight is not a standalone service.  A product has to get to the airport in order to be shipped, then has to get to the final destination.  This is where our team stands out from other air transport companies.  When directed to ship something by air, we automatically join this service with whatever resources are necessary to deliver the product to the desired dock or door of the destination.

Air Freight