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Military and oversize transport

At NWIC New Wave International Cargo, we have extensive experience in over-dimensional transport.
These exceptional loads require not only appropriate means of transport, but also the organization of haulage according to special requirements or specific technical conditions. We work both on planning specific transport and loading parameters, but also on route planning.

Oversized transport as a project

The haulage of oversized cargo is particularly demanding, which is why we always carefully prepare for this type of implementation and treat such transport as a whole. It is a project that covers many aspects not taken into account in traditional OTR, sea, rail or air shipments. It requires specialist permits, appropriate insurance, and pilotage. We get acquainted in detail with the type of load and its dimensions. We set the appropriate route. We check the place and conditions of loading and unloading, we organize suitable equipment. An important factor in such a project is also the weather and the season. The safety of both people and cargo is our top priority. Experience during such tasks is most crucial.

Oversized transport

Oversize transport is also called over dimensional, overweight, large-size or project cargo, its volume all together usually exceeds one of the dimensions::

  • 16.5 m long
  • 4 m high
  • 2.5 m wide
  • 40 tons of weight

Examples of oversized cargo

  • wind turbines (windmills),
  • steel structures (building and ship building),
  • construction machinery,
  • agricultural machinery,
  • industrial equipment (generators, transformers),
  • Dutch houses,
  • tanks.

New Wave International Cargo is a company that has been organizing large-size transport for several years, which is why we know the needs of our customers, and at the same time we know how to properly prepare for each order so that it proceeds without complications. We are happy to undertake various orders related to the field of mainly road transport, so please contact us at our headquarters in Warsaw.

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