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Air transport

Our offer of air transport is addressed to all companies, that aim to transport goods from Poland to elsewhere in the world as soon as possible or vice versa – to import them from abroad to that country.

Safety and transit timelines of transport

New Wave International Cargo has been performing air transport at the highest level since its founding. Air transport is currently the most modern and dynamically developing method of transporting various types of goods. It’s most important advantage is the ability to reach almost anywhere in the world extremely quickly. Moreover, due to the negligible number of accidents or unforeseen obstacles, air transport is considered to be one of the safest.

Perfect transport for selected products

This type of transport is recommended especially when it is necessary to transport products that perish quickly (e.g. food) or rapidly lose their value. Air transport will also be a good solution for companies that transport small amounts of goods, because the price of transport depends mainly on the weight and volume of the shipment.
Transport of small air freight may be similar in price to other modes of transport: sea, rail or OTR. For this reason, companies often decide, for example, to transport samples of commercial goods via air.

Main air freight:

  • delicate and perishable goods,
  • goods with a short shelf life,
  • high value goods,
  • goods from the automotive industry (e.g. accessories necessary for production),
  • goods with low weight and small volume,
  • components needed for production,
  • limited-time promotion products,
  • pets.

By cooperating with NWIC, you focus on reliability, timeliness and safety during transport. We approach each order individually, thanks to which we minimize the possibility of unexpected situations and avoid numerous difficulties, but when they occur, we instantly solve them.

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